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Let's be real….. ADULTING is hard especially when it comes to making major life decisions! It's your responsibility to build the QUALITY OF LIFE you desire, but no one tells you how to do it or what to expect! Knowing where to start can be a crazy process when you don’t know what options are available! So…. the Level Up with Coach K Podcast is here to be a hub of information to spark your curiosity! Coach K interviews entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, students, community leaders, and professionals in hopes of exposing you to diverse experiences! Society teaches us that college is the only route to take if you want to be successful, but that’s not always true!


This weekly podcast is a source of knowledge specifically tailored to enlighten you and encourage you to create your own path! Every episode is meant to introduce you to different options and give you a REAL preview of what it takes to pursue that goal. Our mission is to create a support system to assist you in taking OWNERSHIP of your experience and making a smooth TRANSITION throughout life!

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