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The Petty & Friends Podcast is hosted by Optimistic K (Katrina W.) and Ayyyeeeeb (Audie B.). The show is all about using humor to break through barriers and discuss real-life situations and find real-life solutions! We have golden conversations that are both intelligent and petty at the same dang time! (LOL) There are times when our conversations get really deep and other times when they're super hilarious!!

Every so often, we'll invite a Petty Guest of Honor (or two) to have impromptu conversations about relationships, situationships, pop culture, music, sports, politics, and any other topics that may come up! We believe that we all have a little petty in us, so we thought we should use our pettiness for good. Either way, it's always a good time. Until next time, "Don't just be PETTY be a FRIEND!" (LOL) Check us out every FRIDAY for NEW EPISODES of PETTY & FRIENDS!

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